Saturday, May 17, 2008

Song For My Lover

Laying here now, in my bed.
Nature tapping softly above,
This is ancient music for sure...
I am being lulled… lulled into sweet thoughts of you.
Of moments we had,
and of moments yet to be had..

When your sweet kisses turns into flame; passionately.
--Your fingers lingering my skin;
tracing down my body;
Where you can taste my salt waters
Where my depths touch your breadth
Feel these tides of mine,
as they move back and forth; smoothly
covering then uncovering the sacred parts,
of our sweetest merging;
Sometimes you caress me.
Sometimes you pound and crash.
But always, the vibrant truth is revealed…
In me, you are...

I am slipping… ever closer to,
a place behind my closed eyes.
A place where,
We never stop dancing..

Every time those thoughts came to me,
makes me smile and weak inside.
makes me sick inside.

As my heart yearns for your presence,
Like her beauty torments your soul,
I lost the battle;
-- I don't want you but I need you.

sweetest dedication ever,you know what it meant,what I'm trying to say here. Ask no more. Everything written is very clear here how I feel.

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