Saturday, March 1, 2008

Brains fried up.

1. sleeping late. [one and a half week of off]
2. smoking a lot. [stress for no reasons on few things€ and i am a heavy smoker]
3. been eating like nobody's business. [hell yeah I've gained weight.omg!]
4. drinking.
5. partying. [some say I'm a party animal.but I know I'm not.]

And the results;-
a. being a lazy bum to clean the house.
b. always jumbling the words.
c. laugh until I drool.
d. waking up late.
e. cranky most of the time.
f. getting period/menstrual twice this month.
g. act like somewhat retarded or to put in a nice way,distorted.
h. forget to return calls and replying emails and smses. [Important calls!]
i. caught slight fever and times sore throat.[that's for irregular sleeping,smoking,partying and drinking a lot.]
j. forget about almost everything.[what i've said or done]
k. totally forgot about my appointments with anyone. I FORGOT ABOUT MY INTERVIEW TODAY AT MARCUS EVANS!!! [thank god i managed to reschedule and attend to it -- please pray i'll get the job.]

i need an organizer.
i need to rest.
i need to live my life normally again.

1 comment:

Sharizal Shaarani said...

all u need is a phone will calendar/alarm functions ;)

was surfing and landed on your page...

hope things are way better after the hols!