Monday, March 3, 2008

Bad Love Good Sex

I read this article featured in Female magazine. It's from February 2008 issue. interesting topic to read and to be discuss.

"The pleasure and excitement derived from sexual enjoyment is an important drive, but sex is also about expression of commitment and positive regard for a partner and a product of love and intimacy. Ideally in a loving relationship, all elements are present and work in concert with each other. Sometimes pleasure and excitementcan be seemingly dissociated from all else as in "casual" anonymous sex with strangers, or partners who hate each other but may occasionally recognize "they still have needs". Sex can also serve the purpose of "control", to manipulate a partner and be used as "currency" to trade for each other needs in a relationship. Sometimes it is even used as a symbol of domination or submission og one party over the other." -- Dr Calvin Fones, Consultant Psychiatrist, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore.

Don't anyone agree on this? For me, part of it. As I used to experience it. In this article, there are three women share how a dysfunctional love life which they can call relationship that doesn't get in the way of coupling:-
a. Married, but available.
b. Sex with ex.
c. Faking it.

I think there must be a few more. Been there done that. the B. It's way different than i think. I rather having it with someone that i know instead of with random guys like in the article wrote, "helping old lovers out when the urge strikes.". Enjoying it at the same time because it is way better than before since there is no more wall. Funny how it works.Now, all left are memories. Something that i'd remember..

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