Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How long must I cry

Baby listen
I never meant to be so hard on you
but my pride had me thinking that it was the right thing
but I really love you
and it's driving me crazy
that your not here to hold me anymore

How long must i cry
how long do I have to try to make happiness my friend
and how long will it be
until you've come back to me
and let me feel your love again

I said i really loved u and I'm thinking of you
theres no one in this world could take place of you because you are my baby
and you drive me crazy
theres nothing else I would say or do
I dont have you back in my life
I'm willing to live and die for you baby don't u know that my words are true
I really love you still thinkin of you
can't imagine living without you
I really miss you no need to dis you
can't live another day without you and
everything I say to you baby it's true

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