Tuesday, March 25, 2008


As i lit my cigarette, i was lost in my own thoughts.
--my own place.
--my own world.

As i entered to the bookstore, it reminds so much of him.

I still can smell his perfume on his favorite tee.

When i take every sip of wine, i kept on thinking about him.

Before i go to sleep, i miss our cute "routine", talking on the phone while smoking.
Guess he's happy doing it with her now.

When i go to dine in any restaurant, it reminds me so much of us.

How long will it take to pass this pain?
How long will it take to heal?
How long will i suffer?
How long shall i deal with it?

I just can wait to leave now.
Leave everything.
Leave those memories.
Leave the old me.

"even though it seems i have everything,i don't wanna be a lonely fool...i can make believe i have everything,but without you, my life is incomplete."

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naji said...

hmmm..sabar lah ye :)