Friday, March 21, 2008

Never Again..

Today is the day we said good bye.. It's a lie i didn't cry. Couldn't believe it was this soon 'cause we spoke 2 days ago about it.

It's the best.

d: remember kan we agreed we'll let each other know kalau we're seeing anyone n its
confirmedkan ?
ur w her dah kn?
d: not with her,but i can say we're seeing each other.i mean its not confirmed, but we're goin out
d: we're just goin out.buat apa la nak congrats
u found sumone else its a start isnt it like u said?
d: yeah its a possibility
well i guess its time to say gd bye isnt it?
d: well, in a way,but its not goodbye forever n for good, kan ?its about time pon.
z: its a lie if i say i dun hv feelings for u..its a lie if i say i dun like S or M or SZ or
whoever else im going out with.
im happy u found someone else n i know shes way
its just matter of not gonna lie to u,i am sad.but at d same time, i
am happy for u..

"kasih tinggalkanlah diriku tuk selamanya
biarkan ku sendiri
cukup bagi diriku melukai hatimu
kasih tinggalkanlah diriku tuk selamanya
biarkan aku
mungkin kau akan bahagia dengan dia, denganmu"-Tompi.

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