Thursday, September 13, 2007

The apple of my eye...

today is the first day or ramadhan, in english, fasting month. i had my last meal around 5.30am. *sigh* and i'm so restless. anyway, last night i went out with oza to one utama to have dinner and go jalan jalan as usual. anyway, i told him that i felt distant from danial. danial has been very busy with college works. sometimes i feel like he's neglecting me but i know he knows that i can take care of myself. BUT.. aku pun nak bermanja. tambah plak aku susah nak jumper dia. nak spend time lagi la. summore now is bulan puasa. i dunno wattodo. its just that at least a sms asking how am i would be ok.. and when other people starts giving me attention, i divert my needs to other person, i feel so bad. and now i am so scared.. he knew i heart him so much. whenever we talked over the phone, it's not interesting as before. rasa like there's a wall between us. maybe it's just my feelings.maybe... but he's still the apple of my eyes. heart you baby~

Zara D.

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