Wednesday, September 5, 2007

an event that no one should miss..

this is an event no one should miss~
he's one of the good singer-songwriter.1st time i saw him performing was at No Black Tie Merdeka Showcase.ouh by the way, i just got a sms from my darling boyfriend saying that he has to cancel tonight.damn! i really thought i could meet him up for dinner and watch it together..tapi harapan je la..nampak gaya nye have to make another plan for sad la. haiyo..maybe catch a movie sumthing like dat ke.. now i'm sad. guess i'll be seeing danial next week je la.have to understand he's a student still.not like me working already. haih~
maybe i'll go and catch a movie with oza.tu pon tatau jadi ke tak lagi..haiyo..busan nye nk kuar nk kuar!!! hope today bley kuar la...
look at the title of this post.looks like it i'm gonna miss it! hahaha~

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