Monday, September 17, 2007

Loveology ( part I )

" Love is a constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness.[1] The meaning of love varies relative to context. Romantic love is seen as an ineffable feeling of intense attraction shared in passionate or intimate attraction and intimate interpersonal and sexual relationships.[2] Though often linked to personal relations, love is often given a broader signification, a love of humanity, of nature, with life itself, or a oneness with the Universe, a universal love or karma. Love can also be construed as Platonic love,[3] religious love,[4] familial love, and, more casually, great affection for anything considered strongly pleasurable, desirable, or preferred, to include activities and foods.[5][2] This diverse range of meanings in the singular word love is often contrasted with the plurality of Greek words for love, reflecting the concept's depth, versatility, and complexity. "
-- taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia []

i've been searching high and low for the meaning of love. just want to understand more about it. love can be very simple and can be really works on how you choose it to be.
many people don't understand what love is and i'm very sure many people get confused with it. most people misused it. take advantage of it. what is love?

don't all of you question this? there are many types of love.various categories.i can't name all because i haven't do any research on it. today i just want to open this topic for discussion. i'll continue more on this topic.

cheerios babies~

Zara D.

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