Wednesday, September 12, 2007

confession ( part I )

today,i got a sms from oza. wanted to hangout tonight before puasa. i want to go but i feel somethings not right. [fyi,my left kelip kelip] i just don't feel like going. i just a night out from everyone else except for my sayang. unfortunately i won't be able to see him. truth is, i miss having danial around and having oza to hang out with me it's fun but, he has a farked up problem and i know i'm gonna get into trouble if i hang around too long. plus, i've been giving him lotsa attentions for example, if he sms i would always reply and if he buzz me at ym we'll chat til god knows when it's gonna end. that is bad. he told me that he loves talking to me. that is really bad. i just don't know how to say it. i ikhlas buat kawan tapi people would always misunderstood my intentions. i have to tell danial about this. I'm quite sure he's pretty unhappy about it when he hear this. i don't want anything come across and ruin my relationship with danial. i heart him with all my heart and soul. that's all i could say.. here's my confession part I.

Zara D.

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