Tuesday, September 18, 2007

birthday wish list

ouh my bday is so near..yeay~ im gonna be an old fart! hahaha~ anyway..these are my wish list :-

1. dinner at rahsia
2. cash RM 450. [i dun have to pay my rent]
3. tong gas [ada stove tapi tong gas takde]
4. mattress. [tilamku amat nipis]
5. new frame for my glasses.
6. shoe cabinet
7. mini bar
8. Victoria secret body splash
9. shoes shoes shoes [and a pair of sneakers too]
10. dvd rack
11. dinner at starhill
12. dinner at groove junction
13. HIM limited edition dvd set
14. ikea wardrobe
15. digital camera
16. web cam
17. laptop cooler
18. external hard disk
19. brand new s500i [sony ericsson] or nokia 7373
20. perfume from Chanel [allure] / Ralph Laurence [romance]
21. pay raise

well so far that's my wish..more to come. *hint hint hint*

Zara D.


maggot said...

eh ada S500i dalam list.

u think i shud do a list too? :P

Izham said...

memang tak dpt ah kan i nak belikan hadiah for ur bday