Thursday, September 6, 2007

only god knows

this coming weekend is gonna be a very boring and hectic weekend for me.tomorrow, my darling boyfriend's leaving to melaka for some class trip for three days and two nights.he'll be back on sunday evening but he won't be able to see me.and now i'm sad. plus i'm moving on that day too.. the day i needed him but he can't be there.this is what you call malay,dugaan. what to's just my luck.i'm not sure who's helping me out too. most probably on saturday i'm going out for lunch with man and fariz and fadli and whoever who's joining least i have something to do.if not,i'm surely gonna cry.staying at home miserably.i just don't know how to feel right now. it feels so empty. danial's gonna be very busy friends are busy too.ouh i need a life.i really really do.only god knows how i feel now...

Zara D.

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