Tuesday, September 11, 2007

love and other disasters ( part I )

today i went for breakfast with angah (my senior in college - people will get confused which angah i'm talking about.) i haven't seen her since last friday. we normally go for breakfast and lunch together but due to her task, i hardly see her now. plus it's gonna be fasting month 2 more days. anyway,after few days not seeing her, we were catching up what happen last week and all. were telling her about my life as usual, (i love getting advise from her.she's good.) she gave me a very good advise. dang! i felt like i just got a tight slap from her. ouch! but what she said is true... love and other disasters. damn! macam kene plak. hahahah~ but whatever it is,i think i'm gonna do it. enough is enough. if not, i'm gonna destroy my relationship. truth is, other people is gonna destroy it and i'm not gonna allow it. i have to cut it off though i care about this friendship of mine.. i'm sorry my dear friend, i wish i could be there for you .. but i just can't. i love him and i do not want to lose him...

Zara D.

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