Thursday, September 6, 2007

rush hour

last night when to one utama with oza to watch rush hour 3.the movie starts at 9.10 (that's what written in the ticket) but truth is the ads only showed for 30 minutes.. i've been wanting to watch rush hour 3 with danial but unfortunately, time envied us so i manage to watch with my dear friend oza. when the movie started i was trying to remember what happen in rush hour 1 + 2. totally forgot about it. anyway, after watching the whole movie.. ok there's a few part is hilarious and others are too cliche.. i only wanted to watch it because i want to see jackie chan's stunt. but i enjoyed throughout the movie.thanks oza for taking me out!! anyway, i'm sorry to know what happened to you. be a man and think wisely which is good for you.this is your future we're talking the rest,an important advise here.. every decision you've made or will make in life, will take effect and change your entire life.. so choose wisely and NEVER EVER regret what happen in life,take it as a beautiful lesson by god cause when you do regret it,the past will haunt you. have faith.believe... kisses people~

Zara D.

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