Friday, September 7, 2007

Girls night out to Urban Republic @ Maison

It’s an all-out rebirth with a side of soul, when Maison brings out “Urban Republic” every Thursday night as we take you way back to when the scene was more than shallow ‘bling, ‘hoes and pimpin’. Do you remember when it was more than that? Before the ‘bling’ started blinding your eyes, before the ‘hoes started cramping your style and before pimpin’ plain got old?

The house will provide a sanctuary of substance, soul and a fresh swagger to fill the void in deprived young souls. This is where the pure feeling of togetherness and brotherhood is once again fostered. This is where we bring together like-minded individuals to a common beat of music built for, and by the community of the streets. We take you to a whole other level that bursts at the seams with the true music of its age, obliterating barriers of culture, race, fashion and ethic.

We introduce to you a resonant ambience that reinforces the urban music scene with vibes that have long been missed. Here the scene is establishing a platform that will most effectively defy mainstream convention. Through “UR”, the latest in hip-hop collides with all that is raw and original in urban music clubbing, all in an environment conducive to your right to party.

The revolution of hip hop and soul begins.

what's written up there was taken from so when i read the reviews,yeah why not,lets give it a try after so long i've not partied. so made plans with anyz,wanted her to join and she couldn't make it cause she's still working [rajin sunggoh kawan aku nie.] and i invited arlyn aka angah,my beloved pet sis. knowing just the 2 of us are going,i feel like canceling the plan.the more the merrier plus it's supposed to be a girls night out. but since angah was so excited to go plus the last time we met was 3-4 months back.we reached there about 12++ the crowd...ouh my god!! all those chinese hip hoppers.80% full of chinese, the 20% malay,indian and others. the dj's so suck! i prefer to go loft upstairs instead of maison. that's gonna be the last time i'm gonna be there. the air conditioning is so bad and only some certain area only you can feel the air. i mean, look at loft upstairs,telawi street bistro,passion and many other clubs,even though it's packed but the air conditioning mantained. we can still feel the air-cond. the services are bad. i don't like it cause the bartenders are not so friendly type.'re in the service line.SMILE.and yeah so slow. [mentang mentang aku pernah jadi marketing exec at evoke cocktail bar,but it's true,penat and stress macam mana,smile even if you're hubby's or mom or whoever died.] thanks to angah for accompanying me there..thanks to alil [angah's bf] to send and pick us up there and send me back home too~ next time,the real girls nyte out.have to plan earlier.after alil picked us up,we stopped by at zouk to pick up wan kembang.. he was one of our party friends.i last met him at UV nation.he was all alone.standard ahh xaxau kat loft.tapi respek ah sebab dia slalu pergi xaxau sorang sorang.keras gile.then we all went for supper at setiawangsa..perghh lama tak jejak kaki to area setiawangsa.after i left my old life.i heard an old good friend of mine is finally back in K.L , has a job, has a girlfriend and less going to parties.i felt so good when i heard the news..after sending wan back we all headed back home to sleep! working people here!! =) here i enclosed four pictures of angah and i at Maison. Sorry if it's blurry.taken by handphone's 1.3 megapixels. if u complain,get me a brand new s500i or 7373.birthday coming up!! **winks**

moi and my beloved sister, angah~

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